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“Letters from the Synod” in FIRST THINGS

Below are the links to a couple of the  “Letters from the Synod” printed on the online version of FIRST THINGS. If they interest you, I suggest you check the publication every few days for the latest input. There are a lot of blogs and websites and other publications which are “pontificating” about the Synod and, in some ways, feeding a bit of a media frenzy around it, with ideological pulls in this direction or that. It’s important to keep a critical stance on all and any of these, since they can at times be partial, selective and even tendentious. I am reproducing the ones below, not because I think they are necessarily completely free of the above, but because they do offer some very important perspectives of a doctrinal and theological nature. The Synod will not be over until it is over, so we can’t take an overall view of its various contributory factors until it concludes its present phase. Even then, we must remember that we are dealing with ONE phase of ONE Synod in the context of the entire doctrinal Tradition of the Church. A true Catholic perception is not limited to one such event but rather reads that event from within the whole living Tradition of the Church, rooted in Scripture, inspired by the Spirit and interpreted by the Magisterium. In the face of such grace, we must remain humble, patient and trusting. Fr. Peter—2023-2—2023-3