The PPC is a group of parishioners whose remit is to work with the Parish Priest in order to assist him in leading us all to progress together the pastoral welfare of the Parish. Ordinary meetings occur quarterly; extraordinary ones as required. The agenda comes from the members of the PPC, from submissions from the PPC box which is located at the back of the Church and from Fr. Peter. Minutes from each meeting are also posted on the website, while a limited number of copies is put at the back of the church for those who cannot access the internet.

If you have a question or suggestion you would like discussed at the PPC, then either get in touch with a member, or, drop a note into the PPC box in the porch; please remember to include your contact details.

Alternatively, please contact Fr. Peter who may be able to help with your enquiry. If you have submitted a point for discussion, then you will receive feedback following the PPC meeting.

Our Parish Pastoral Council depends on your input and would ask for your continued support since its aim is to encourage everyone to play his or her part as a committed disciple of Jesus in the midst of His Church, in the growth of our community in faith, worship and prayer, in the knowledge and love of the truth of Christ and in the practical witness of His charity towards everyone, especially the most needy.

Current Membership: Maurice Anderson, Larissa Aron, Lewis Doherty, Christopher Kelly, Bridie Lamont, Celia Lewis, Morag McGrath, Luciana Stewart, Edward Stewart, Roger Townley.

Contact: Roger Townley 689304

Minutes of Meetings

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