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Membership of St. Mary’s Parish Councils, Committees, etc.

Advisory groups

For the information of St. Mary’s parishioners, below is a list of the membership of our various parish advisory groups. They already express synodality in our parish to a certain extent! If you have any ideas, questions or constructive criticisms that you wish to bring to a member’s attention, or to myself, this list will help you. I invite everyone, however, to be charitable, kind and positive in their approach since we are all trying to serve Christ in one another. – Fr. Peter

PARISH PASTORAL COUNCIL: Maurice Anderson, Larissa Aron, Lewis Docherty, Christopher Kelly, Bridie Lamont, Celia Lewis, Morag McGrath, Edward Stewart, Roger Townley.

PARISH FINANCE COUNCIL: Kathleen Bone, Linda Clark, Steve Faccenda, Paul McShane, Tony Timmons.

PARISH HALL COMMITTEE: Francis Breslin, Louise Devine, Bridie Lamont, Kathleen McComish, Irene McGarrity, Edward Smith, Julie Teaz, Fiona Wright.

PARISH SYNOD FACILITATORS: Membership of the Parish Pastoral Council.