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Booking Mass at St. Mary’s, Largs

You may book for the 6pm Saturday Vigil and 10am Sunday morning Masses, as well as for the subsequent weekday 10am morning Masses of Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, by calling 07398 109094 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 6-8pm only (no calls received outside these times, no messages recorded outside these times will be taken into consideration).

Please Note:

  1. ATTENDANCE: You must attend only the Mass for which you have booked. You cannot swap with someone else unless you have first asked via the booking telephone number . Nor can you decide on your own to go to a different Mass. The reason for this strict policy is to ensure that we have an accurate list of who attends what Mass for the purposes of test and trace.
  2. SAFE PRACTICE: You must wear a face mask at all times when in the church building. Hands must be sanitised on entering and on leaving. Social distancing of 2 metres must be observed. Please do not stop to speak to anyone inside the church or cause a close gathering of people. Once outside the church building, safe distance must be observed until you leave the grounds. Except in an emergency, you may only leave your seat at the direction of the stewards. The one-way system must be observed by everyone at the time of Holy Communion, so please do not try and make a quick dash back to your seat.
  3. WHERE YOU LIVE. Priority will be given to those who are parishioners in the canonical sense of the term, i.e. those whose homes are within the territory of the parish (Largs, Fairlie & Skelmorlie). If any places are left, they will be assigned to non-parishioners on a first come, first served basis.
  4. FAIR SPREAD:If you are a parishioner and you are too late to receive a place at Mass on a given day, your name will be given priority for cancellations received and/or for another Mass. This priority is not afforded to non-parishioners.
  5. ENTRANCE to the church will be from 20 minutes before Mass begins. Everyone should be seated by 5 minutes before Mass begins. Please remember that you cannot be admitted to the church if you have not booked a place as described above and if you do not have a face-mask.
  6. NO ADMISSION will be given to the church after Mass begins.