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An Advent Invitation


Watch less TV, ipad, iphone, etc.. Use the time to seek silence around and within. Seek the Lord in that silence and you will also find your true self.

Work on one sinful or bad habit you have. Consider the damage it does. Ask the Spirit to help you perceive just how bad it is for you. Ask his strength. Let it go.

Use the freedom you recover to love. Forgive someone you have been resisting forgiving. Don’t confuse forgiving with nice feelings. Choose to forgive. Feelings are secondary to that choice. Feelings are given to serve our good choices, not to dictate them! To forgive when you don’t feel like it is real virtue.

Make a real effort to get to know Jesus more closely. Ask Him to come closer and to make you know He hears you. Ask Him very simply, “Jesus, show me your love for me.” Stick with it. Wait on Him. Give Him a chance.

At some point before Christmas, take one hour and dedicate it exclusively to Jesus. Turn off the phones and gadgets. Go to your room, close the door. Don’t answer the door bell. Focus all your time, attention, mind and heart on Him. Why not try writing down for Him how your life is going, how you really feel about yourself, your relationships, your family, your work? It can be a very helpful exercise! Just then leave what you have written sitting there in front of Him. Ask Him to read it, to read you. Listen for Him, block out thoughts and distractions. Be open to his Presence to you, near you, in you. Stay still with Him. Just wait. See how He will come to you.