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Online, no cost Fund-raising for the Diocese of Galloway

Dear All

Bishop Nolan has informed the priests of the Diocese that over the first six months of this year, the income across the Diocese has fallen by a total of £500,000. At the same time, however, expenditure has also fallen by £300,000, meaning that overall there is a shortfall of £200,000.

You may also know that, in canon law, the assets of a parish belong to the parish and must be administered in accordance both with canon law and civil law. While the combined territory of all parishes constitutes the territory of the Diocese, the administration of the Diocese as such is separate from the administration of the individual parishes.

This means that the Diocese has to administer itself on the basis of its own income, as distinct from the income of each parish. However, in canon law, the Diocese is allowed to tax the taxable income of its parishes in order to assist the needs of Diocesan administration. This has been done for decades under the system known as the “levying of parishes.” Levying is done proportionately to the income of each parish and in observance of moderation.

Logically, if the income of parishes has been decreasing, so also the taxable income has been diminishing. This raises a number of challenges for the future in terms of the income of the Diocese per se, as distinct from the parishes of the Diocese.

Bishop Nolan has asked the priests to propose to parishioners the use of two online fundraising portals which would allow them to donate directly to the Diocese with no further cost to themselves. I will quote the emails I have received from the Bishop and would ask you to consider his proposal favourably. [Please note that if you are prompted for the Charity Number of the Diocese it is: SC010576 (the digit after C is the number zero, not the letter “O”)]

“Give As You Live is an online fundraising portal with links to 4000 retailers who will make donations to a designated charity. Please encourage parishioners to use this site and nominate the RC Diocese of Galloway as their charity. Bishop Nolan”

“The Diocese has registered with Amazon Smile. The prices on amazon smile are the same as on the regular Amazon site. However Amazon donates 0.5% of spending to the nominated charity. This is a good way for those who use Amazon to support diocesan finances at no extra cost to themselves. Bishop Nolan”

A collaborator of the Diocese has produced the following information summary to make it easier for you to use the two sites mentioned:

“Diocese web page:

Give as you live

This is the link to the join up page

Want to help the Diocese of Galloway raise even more for FREE? Well, now you can just by shopping via Give as you Live Online!

When you shop at over 4,000 top stores including John Lewis & Partners, Expedia and Marks & Spencer via Give as you Live Online, they’ll turn a percentage of your spend into free funds for us!

Simply sign up, search for the retailer and start shopping. It’s that simple!

Get started today!

Amazon Smile

This is the link to the start page:

Want to help us raise even more for FREE? Well, now you can just by shopping as usual at Amazon using the link.

When you shop at Amazon, they’ll turn a percentage of your spend into free funds for the Diocese of Galloway!

Simply sign in, and start shopping. It’s that simple!”