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Act of Consecration of our School to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, 01.06.20

In this month traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I warmly encourage all parishioners to consecrate themselves, their families, etc., to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I will offer a series of “consecration” formulae you can use or choose from. The Sacred Heart of Jesus sums up in one image all of the supremely loving things which combine the divine and the human love of Jesus the Son of God for us poor human beings: divine mercy, love, tenderness, compassion, understanding. Devotion to the Sacred Heart inspires trust, confidence, hope and joy. No matter how broken, low, unworthy, alone, desperate, afraid, guilty or plain old rotten someone may feel, the very thought of the Sacred Heart of Jesus opens a door, brings light, lifts the spirit and heralds a return to peace and joy. Open your heart to Him and experience the power of his eternal love for you! – Fr. Peter

O Jesus, your Heart is the Divine School where we learn to live the virtues of love, humility, meekness, sacrifice and peace. It is for this reason that we consecrate our school of St. Mary’s in Largs to your Heart, so that your designs and your love may be present in it and so that, in this school and guided by your Wisdom, true sons and daughters of God may be formed.

O Jesus, by means of this consecration, we ask you to keep in your Heart, the entire Family of this School. May they find in you their guide, their light, their strength and their reward. We ask you that each one of the teachers may live within your Heart, so as to be channels of grace and of love for the children that have been confided to them. In virtue of this consecration, may each one of them be a model of goodness, nobility, wisdom, truth and justice. May the graces of mercy, conversion and peace that flow from your Heart reach the heart of each one of their students by means of the joyful, caring and dedicated service of each teacher.

O Jesus, we ask you to protect and fill with the love of your Heart, the parents, guardians and all who live in the homes of the children of our school. By the love of your Heart in their homes and in their school, may they always know great joy, security and strength of soul. May the love of your Heart fill and form their hearts so that they will carry that love with them always, everywhere and for everyone.

O Jesus, by the loving efforts of one and all belonging to St. Mary’s community, may we all have one heart in your Heart, one love in your Love. Amen.