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Live streaming for St. Mary’s up and running, 28.03.20


Dear Sisters and Brothers

I’m delighted to announce that, as from the 6pm Vigil Mass this evening at St. Mary’s in Largs, you will be able if you wish to “tune in” to Mass via YouTube. 

The link is:

YouTube allows a more user-friendly address after one month of usage.

You can also use:

I never thought I’d be able to set something like this up, even with FaceTime instructions from an expert!

The contract I’ve obtained is supposed to allow unlimited streaming, so I will test that out as the days pass to see if we can do other things as well as the Mass. During the day, at least, until 7pm, I will expose the Blessed Sacrament. I will see what else can be done by way of the Rosary, the Stations of the Cross and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

I won’t blame you if you prefer to go to Boston or Adelaide or Rome for Mass. It’s the wonderful reality of the Church and of social media!

Looking forward to “seeing” you, as it were, at 6pm this evening and thereafter at the following times for Mass:

Every day at 10am

Saturday, also at 6pm.

You are all in my prayers, especially the sick, the children, the isolated and the lapsed. In the Lord we are all strong.

Many blessings.

Mgr. Peter

28th March 2020