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Happy Feast Day of Annunciation! 25.03.20


Dear Sisters and Brothers

I wish you all a very Happy Feast Day today, the Annunciation! 

The Incarnation of the Son of God becomes visible to us at Christmas, but the Incarnation itself actually takes place nine months earlier when Jesus is conceived in Mary’s womb.

Pope Francis today spoke in his General Audience of the encyclical “Evangelium Vitae” (the Gospel of Life) published by St. John Paul 25 years ago today. Pope Francis emphasises the importance of this encyclical and its message in defence of each and every life from the moment of conception until natural death.

The Pope also notes how relevant the Gospel of Life is at this time we are going through and expresses praise and gratitude to all those, especially in the healthcare sector, who are spending themselves so generously to save lives.

Since today is a Feast Day, relax your Lenten practice a little so as to celebrate with the whole Church the Incarnation of our Saviour and Redeemer, who came to destroy death and restore life for ever.

Mgr. Peter