St Mary’s Hall (video)

Some ground rules for the external use of  St. Mary’s Hall 

  1. As a rule events in the Hall can only take place from 1pm-10pm.
  2. As a rule the Hall is closed to non-parish activities on Sundays.
  3. No group may use the hall more than twice in the same week.
  4. Anyone outside the parish community applying to use the hall must present a request in writing to the Parish Priest ( at least 30 days prior to the date on which they wish to use it, or to commence using it (if regular usage is requested). A brief explanation of the nature and purpose of the activity should be given. The hours for which the hall is requested must be provided.
  5. If the Parish Priest gives his approval, the applicant will then be referred to the Hall Safeguarding Manager by the Hall Administrator, if the activity involves children or vulnerable adults.
  6. If the Parish Safeguarding Manager approves the application, or if no safeguarding check is required, the applicant will be referred by the Administrator to the Parish Hall Keeper for a health and safety check.
  7. If the Hall Keeper approves the application, then the Hall Administrator, or in her absence, the Parish Priest, will sign the agreement for usage along with the applicant.
  8. Insurance. A copy of the Church Public Liability Insurance is displayed on the noticeboard of the entrance foyer. Please note that this only covers Church personnel and property. It does not cover others users of their property. The applicant must ensure that Public Liability is covered by their own insurance.
  9. Since most accidents occur in the kitchen, special care should be taken when using this facility. Children must be excluded from the kitchen area for their own protection.
  10. Any litter of any kind (including food and bottles) produced during an event must be removed from the hall by the applicant. The parish bins may not be used to dispose of the litter.
For more information:

Please contact Eddie Stewart on 07796 209986 or 07464 705586, alternatively you can call 01475 740 019 – ext.7 or email: